The term of Fresh Consulting is entirely associated to our DNA and raison d’être at Global Business Partners (GBP), our boutique management consulting firm that helps organizations solve complex business problems and execute multi-dimensional strategies in a fresh, innovative and creative way.

Through Fresh Consulting we provide a broad range of services to support and grow your business.

Our approach is driven by the conviction that people are the key component for organizational effectiveness. We inspire and connect organizations and clients.




GBP’s organizational assessment model is based on best practices, research and thousands of hours of hands-on experience in working with clients across multiple industries. But even more important, our model helps us go beyond process improvement to help organizations achieve meaningful and lasting business outcomes.

GBP’s consultants are also faculty members at the top business schools, allowing us to apply to our work the latest research and thinking. Our consultants combine innovation with proven methodology to create compelling and relevant solutions to our clients’ unique challenges.